Never a wrong time to enter the property market

History and experience has taught us all that investing in property in the correct way at almost all times provides excellent outcomes and returns in the long term.

Lifestyle estates, luxury holiday homes and wine farms are booming ...

High-net-worth (HNW) buyers see the Cape Town property market as extremely attractive. Lifestyle and climate are some of the biggest drivers in the sector, making it no surprise that locals and foreigners consider the country an ideal location for a holiday, retreat, or medical treatment.

Property investment for wealth building - benefits and pitfalls exp...

Investing in real estate has long been considered a reliable strategy for building wealth because while stocks and bonds are often the go-to investment options, property is a tangible asset which offers unique advantages that can accelerate wealth accumulation over time.

To click or to ink? Are electronically signed sale of property agre...

Whilst electronic signatures have increased in popularity in modern business practice, their validity as it pertains to the sale of property agreements does not hold water under the current legal framework.

Interest rate unchanged again

South Africans are looking forward to a cut in the interest rate but for now the rate is once again kept unchanged at the Reserve Bank announcement yesterday.

New property hotspot for Cape Town – this is what you can buy

The popularity of Cape Town's Northern Suburbs for buyers and especially for semigrants from up north is due to better value for money, excellent infra-structure, excellent schools, well planned and maintained suburbs and amenities in close proximity.

Positive turn for home sellers in South Africa

Despite the current buyers market conditions on the back of various indicators and local economic factors, sellers can certainly look forward to a positive change in market conditions in 2024.

Investing in success - 10 habits of successful property investors

Savvy real estate investment is a journey through fluctuating markets, rife competition, trends, regulations, and emerging opportunities. Cultivating good habits can significantly boost the chances of success and maximise returns.

Boosting your home's value with amongst others 10 tips and tricks b...

In many cases sellers can improve the listing of their property by paying attention to cost effective changes that will certainly improve the house prior to listing and also bolster the value.

Looking to buy your first home? Here are tips to help you negotiate...

The most important issue when purchasing a property, is buyer preparedness and knowledge, which can only be achieved after property research, market research and thought into the where, why, when, how, who and the long term objectives.

What are 2024's real estate trends

In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate, staying ahead of the curve is key for both buyers and sellers. “From cutting-edge design preferences to strategic location choices, understanding current and upcoming trends can make all the difference.

A shift from a buyers' to a sellers' market has started

A very popular categorization of the house market with terms of " buyers " or " sellers " market, but of late especially due to rising interest rates, surplus of stock on the market etc gave rise to buyers dictating in the marketplace, for real.

Capital Gains Tax: A step-by-step guide for home sellers

To prevent that unwelcomed surprise in your final calculations, best to factor in all expenses and possible expenses when budgeting before the sale. Capital Gains Tax, which could be a substantial amount off your nett, must be considered from the " get go "

Interest rate unchanged

The market certainly welcomes the news of an unchanged interest rate and certainly does look forward to a drop early in this year as a drop will certainly bring relief and lead to market stimulus that is much awaited.

Homeowners must hang on tight as SA reaches top of interest rate ro...

With the numerous factors at play including fuel prices, wars, post covid, CPI, etc etc, the news later this month with regards to interest rates will certainly be extremely interesting.

Big shift for property investors in South Africa

Investors are always looking at opportunities to ensure maximum or better returns on their money and therefore the ever popular property market is no exception and now ao the trend of embracing green developments due to global trends and pressure of amongst others, climate change and sustainability.

Semigration is boosting property prices in these areas of the South...

The ever present demand and supply factor is certainly playing its part again as people are relocating to the Western Cape from other provinces for reasons of, amongst others the good administration prevalent as well as the beauty of Cape Town and immediate surrounds.

Do thorough investigation and homework before semigrating

Making the fundamental change of location, distant locating due to a change of occupation or sourcing an opportunity is a daunting task and at times comes off the back of risk, but also poses risk going forward. Calculated risk should be the emphasis in this case.

Concerning news for first time home buyers in the current market

First time home buyers were able to enter the property market post Covid as interest rates were low at 7%, but since then, with the prime lending rate at 11.75% currently, 1st time buyers are cautious and in certain cases unable to make the leap.

Keeping your home showhouse ready during your selling fase

It is very important for sellers to ensure that the house is kept " showhouse ready " while on the market. Although at times quite taxing, this effort to ensure readiness for buyers to visit the property could certainly ensure a quicker sale and also with better results.

Good news for South African consumers

The unchanged interest rate and possible downward trend within the next 6 months certainly is good news for the consumers in SA

Think twice before just making changes to a rental property

Can a tenant and/or a landlord cause improvements to the rented property without the consent of the other party of the lease agreement?

Compiling an effective moving checklist

Planning the move is a daunting task to say the least and proper planning will prevent much frustration indeed

Gas compliance certificate

All gas Certificates of Compliance (CoCs) must now comply with the prescribed form, and gas compliance companies are prohibited from using any other form. Any other format of gas CoC will not be accepted starting from 1 May 2023.

A few handy tips for new home owners

For most people, becoming a home owner is the ultimate dream but it’s also one of the largest financial investments they will ever make – and there’s a lot that they don’t tell you before you sign on the dotted line.

Solar tops the list of features homebuyers seek

Features that buyers are serious about in purchasing a new home

House prices have doubled !

Data shows that property prices have doubled since 2010

The compulsory Seller's property disclosure and declaration

It is compulsory for any seller of a property to complete a disclosure and declaration at the time of selling. This is enforced upon all estate agents by the Property Practioners Regulatory Authority.

Preparing your home for winter and the consequences of wetter weather

The maintenance tips below will not only prepare your home for winter, but also ensures timeous preparation against neglect that adversely affect your homes value.

Check your Cape Town property value

How to check what your Cape Town property is valued for by the City for rates purposes

Networking in challenging times and spreading wealth

If ever the necessity to network aggressively was timeous, then now is that time.

Masterbuilt home now listed in Sonstraal Heights Durbanville

A 5 bedroom home with private offices and loads more in Sonstraal Heights Durbanville

Alarm battery hack

How to improve the coverage of your alarm battery during consistent loadshedding

Property law changes planned for 2023

Land and property can be expected to dominate discussions this year, with a handful of bills making their way to President Cyril Ramaphosa to be signed into law.

Bond Clauses : Beware the Deadlines!

When an offer to purchase, including a suspensive condition pertaining to the raising of a bond at a specific amount and including a specific cut-off date, by a buyer has been accepted by the seller and signed by all and been witnessed, it is of utmost importance to monitor the progress and outcome.

Sectional title opportunity for developers

Due to city councils and municipalities encouraging developments within the urban edge and therefore avoiding extending the urban edge, developers now have the opportunity to purchase large stands and then pursue the optional sectional title avenue to increase the returns / return on investment.

Landlord Legal for landlord rental legal protection

Valuables Rentals (Pty)Ltd is proud to recommend Landlord Legal for rental " insurance " cover for all our landlords. Excellent legal cover and " peace of mind " at a nominal cost.

Understanding suspensive and conditional clauses in a contract of sale

It is of utmost importance for buyers and sellers of property to understand what constitutes a suspensive condition and or special conditions in a Offer to purchase, property sale agreement.


A legal opinion to note with regards to the issues around asbestos. From Miltons Matsemela Attorneys.

The property market is still healthy and strong

Sales in May 2022 already around R10 Million

Valuables Properties level of service

How fulfilling when clients appreciate good service

D'Urbanvale has steady year on year property value growth

D'Urbanvale in the greater Durbanville offers true value for money in property with good growth per annum.

Valuables Properties auction on the 9th April 2022

Valuables Properties will auction No 66 Falcon Crest, Tyger Waterfront, Bellville

Property Practitioners Act and important issues

The Property Practitioners Act has been implemented from 1 February 2022 with relevant impact on the industry as a whole.

Wishing all a festive holiday season

God bless you all

Top agents for 2021

Agents of Excellence

Hidden costs for buyers to be aware of

These are the ‘hidden’ costs you will pay when buying a house in South Africa

Valuables Properties presence in Velddrif, Laaiplek and Dwarskersbos

Donavan Frahm of Valuables Properties for property services on the West Coast

A lucky draw at De Wijnland Butchery

Valuables Properties sponsors a whole lamb for the lucky winner

Positive market growth and well being in Blommendal

The values of properties in Blommenal Bellville have shown steady growth over the past 20 years and more

Blommendal listing soon!

This home will be available to view soon

Erf in Bellville with 5 duplex houses for sale

A property portfolio enhancement opportunity

Latest listing in Parksig

Kindly be advised of our latest listing in Parksig Bellville

Tips for Sellers and Buyers

Some important tips for buyers and sellers to consider

Notice on your bond when selling your property

It is of utmost importance for sellers to give notice to the bondholder informing them of the intention to sell and to avoid unnecessary penalties.

Some excellent health tips

Health tips and advise concerning household products for "handy" and diverse use in fighting germs and bacteria

Do your homework and research before your purchase

Buying a home is not child’s play and anyone who is considering making such an investment needs know the basics before signing.

Tax deductions for " BUY TO LET " consideration

Interesting food for thought when considering a " BUY TO LET " acquisition.

Plot and plan opportunity in Plattekloof

This erf in Plattekloof has options of single residential development or a sectional title plot and plan option for a developer.

Lets talk Deposit

When committing to add a deposit to your Offer does indicate commitment to the transaction and certainly bares much value to a seller

Credit Scoring

Let's talk Credit Score. How to repair your credit score? 1. Make your payments on time 2. Pay attention to your credit cards first 3. Avoid going to court 4. Don’t be brave by taking on to much debt 5. Keep your credit limits high and your due amounts low 6. Close unused credit accounts 7. Keep cre

Consider letting out your property prior to being forced to sell du...

Letting out your property is certainly a financial alternative when faced to sell during this Covid 19 crisis period.

You can purchase a property during the COVID19 lockdown

There is no reason why you cannot purchase a property during the current lockdown

Don't leave it till it is too late

Avoid the threat of legal action or repossession of your property/ies during or after this COVID19 crisis

Tips for first time buyers

First time buyers need to see this as now is a good time to enter the property market

Are you aware of the high maintenance behind owning a property with...

Very important information for home owners with asbestos roofs. Good maintenance and preparation will certainly prevent the disappointment at the time of selling wrt value and bond applications for prospective buyers. See

Downloads TAB

Make use of our downloads for property tips and documents

Decorate your home so that you make an impression with your guests

Excellent tips to improve your home and living areas

Steps in the transfer Process

Just some valid information to advise buyers and sellers

Pinehurst property performance and general growth

It has been quite enlightening to witness the rapid and organised development of Pinehurst Durbanville since early 2012 and onwards as well as the steady rate of property values.

Property value growth in De Oude Spruit Brackenfell

Year on year property performance in De Oude Spruit Brackenfell

Baronetcy Estate properties listed by Valuables Properties

Upmarket security estate living in Baronetcy Estate Plattekloof

Proactive networking in 2018

As a valued Valuables Properties client you stand to earn

Merry Christmas and wishing you all a prosperous 2018

Your ongoing support and business is highly valued and our wish for you all is of abundant blessings in this festive Christmas season.

Home improvements that add the most VALUE

One’s home is a place where one wishes to feel physically and psychologically safe. One’s home also offers one of the best opportunities for expressing one’s identity and uniqueness. It is a place where life is lived and memories are made.

6 VALUABLE tips before handing over the keys

The process of selling your house starts with the decision to sell. Between this point and final transfer of ownership, many steps are involved.

Prospective sellers' most frequently asked questions

A property is one of the most VALUABLE possessions we possess. Any prospective seller would like to get the best VALUE for his/her property. What are those factors that could help or deter a seller from achieving VALUE?

Help us match the right buyer to the right seller!

One of the frustrating things about property marketing, is having willing and able buyers, but not the right properties available to help them.

Recent trends in the Western Cape property market

At the time of writing, a number of 67491 properties are for sale in the Western Cape, with the average price at R3 260 905, according to Property24.

Sellers - get the desired impact and return for your effort and spend

With average sales time in excess of 2 months the "tips" provided here will have a significant impact on your sale turnaround time.

Valuables sponsors S A P team

Valuables Properties had the opportunity to sponsor the SAP netball team at the recent tournament

Just launched our new website (Responsive website)

Valuables Properties has a responsive website

Visit our offices at No 76 De Bron Avenue, Kenridge

Our offices at No76 De Bron Avenue, Kenridge, Durbanville

Agents URGENTLY needed in the Kenridge, De Bron and Protea Valley a...

We are opening offices in De Bron Avenue in Kenridge, Durbanville

A Billboard on popular Suikerbossie street in Blomtuin , Bellville

Valuables Properties billboard in Suikerbossie

Our new mobile site launched

The website for mobile phones

Valuables new website

See Valuables Properties new website

Middle-segment property performs best

Interesting fact about a busy segment of the property market

Stellenberg pricing

Another property returns in excess of R2 Million in Stellenberg

A Neat House sells at top prices

A well maintained and exceptionally neat house will always fetch a top price

Cover launch at STAX

The covers were filled with out advert from today, see website

Valuables Properties expands

Agents join Valuables Properties