The values of properties in Blommenal Bellville have shown steady growth over the past 20 years and more

It is certainly good news for any property owner to benefit from the age old saying " LOCATION , LOCATION, LOCATION ". Property owners in Blommendal can testify to this especially also having prominent schools in close proximity, convenient stores and supermarkets close by and various options of travel towards the major highways, all this and the property value add-on due to those and other positive factors.

Sales value averages of R992 778 at almost R4181 per m² in 2001 , with steady growth to 2010 at R1 530 000 (roughly R6090 per m²) and seeing the market at sales averages of R2 512 625 (±R8590 per m²) in 2020 is certainly heartwarming. Of the sales in 2021 indicated growth over a minimum 5 years to ie a property sold in 2021 initially purchased in 1994 had shown growth from 6.67% to the best performer at 19.4% year-on-year average percentage growth. The average for ie 10 properties sold in 2020 and 2021 over a average timespan of 12.5 years was 9.78% growth. Pretty good news indeed!

Also very interesting was the average home size increase since ie 2001 at 237m² to averages of nearly 300m² in 2021. This clearly also indicates well being, stability and the trend of property enhancements as most residents of Blommendal stay for many years allowing their children to finish both primary and high school careers as well as tersiary studies.

Viva Blommendal !!

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