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24 Nov 2017

The process of selling your house starts with the decision to sell. Between this point and final transfer of ownership, many steps are involved.

How can the process of selling your house be facilitated to make it as painless as possible?

Roughly-speaking, selling your house consists of the following steps:

  1. Deciding to sell and exploring the market
  2. Preparing and ‘’staging’’ your property
  3. Appointing an agent and putting the property in the market
  4. Accepting an offer(s)
  5. Taking care of post-sale certifications, financial and practical issues related to moving
  6. Transfer of ownership and receipt of payment

Here are a few very useful tips pertaining mostly to STEP 5 to ensure that the sales process is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

*TIP #1: To avoid running up penalties, give notice on your bond, if possible, 90 days prior to sale, i.e. when you’ve made the decision to sell.

*TIP #2: Budget in advance for the rates and services that are payable to the transferring attorneys.

*TIP #3: Without delay arrange for the inspections for certification (water, electrical, beetle, gas, electric fencing, etc.) after a successful sale is concluded to facilitate the transfer process.

*TIP #4: Remember to inform all your contacts/accounts/postal service with regard to your change of address for mail purposes.

*TIP #5: Remember to arrange the transfer/dis-connection of your telephone/ADSL line and the re-connection at your new home.

*TIP #6: Ensure after transfer that you are refunded for rates and services paid in advance (any excess must be refunded).

Now you are good to go! Relax and good luck.