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It has been quite enlightening to witness the rapid and organised development of Pinehurst Durbanville since early 2012 and onwards as well as the steady rate of property values.

With a recent analysis of property sales and the drafting of an assessment of a property in Pinehurst it was very interesting to see the growth in values since for instance 2015 as well as sales thereafter up until the beginning of 2019. Homes of sizing between 120m² and ie 145m² and with rateable valuations ranging between R1.4 Million and R1.5 Million had growth percentages between 12.6% and 16% at the top end. I found that overall averaging equated to 14.3 % on the properties analysed which certainly makes for good reading for property owners in Pinehurst. In 1 case a home that was purchased in 2015 for R1.45 Million recently sold for R2.075 Million in July 2018. Also been enlightening as to the appreciated development of private schooling as well as the welcomed development of the Urban Edge family worship Centre. These amongst others have seen Pinehurst embrace and achieve community and social development on a very organised scale. For more information contact Leonard Smallbones. Always welcome