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Year on year property performance in De Oude Spruit Brackenfell

With a recent analysis of property sales and the drafting of an assessment of a property in De Oude Spruit Brackenfell it was very interesting to see the growth in values since for instance 2007 as well as sales thereafter up until the beginning of 2019. Homes on smaller plots ie between 228m² and ie 350m² with house sizes ranging between 120m² and 140m² had the highest performance with annual growth percentages between 9.98% and 12.8% while homes on bigger erven (higher maintenance and upkeep) averaged between ie 8.13% and 8.585%. I found that overall averaging equated to 10.43% on the properties analysed which certainly makes for good reading for property owners in De Oude Spruit Brackenfell. In 1 case a home that was purchased in 2007 for R715000 sold for R1.5Million in June 2018. In another purchased for R650000 in January 2007 and sold in April 2018 for an outstanding R1.649 million. The good growth can certainly be attributed to amongst others the presence of good schools like ie Bastion Primary, good shopping centres in close proximity and the general well maintained infrastructure and good town planning. For more information contact Leonard Smallbones. Always welcome